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Zion Ajala

Chief Financial Officer

Your Real Estate Partner for Life!

Because I am considered the "most frugal" of my mother's three sons, I observe very closely how funds are allocated and expended. I am perfect for this position because I am not sure if I can sell a million-dollar home! My position with our family's Real Estate Firm is to increase revenue and enhance financial knowledge, and the livelihood of our clients.

With a degree in Business and minors in Anthropology and International Global Studies from a prestigious university, I strongly feel that people should live as they choose, within their budget and without offense. I have traveled around the world regularly, walked with the Elite and sat with the Underserved. The financial lessons I have learned by just "paying attention" to both classes, the lessons are priceless. Experiences are true wealth, not money. 


My mother and I practically grew up together since she gave birth to me at twenty-three years old and ninety days after her College Graduation. She was the first to graduate from college in her family. She did miraculously well, given the harsh circumstances of becoming a single mother. My brothers and I vowed not to let her fail after her divorce from a 16-year marriage. We all held each other up. Things were not easy for us, hence the strict allocation of funds, but we have always felt blessed with the support of family and dear friends. We created some amazing memories in spite of our small budget. However, I am proud to say that we have created amazing lives for ourselves today. We are all healthy, happy, and living our dreams.

I am proud of my mother, brothers, grandfather, and myself for our tenacity and bravery to remain focused in the face of fear, distractions, and COVID-19.

Our ancestors can continue to dance! Ase.

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